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Shaw American is one of the oldest and largest Life, Long Term Care, Annuities and Disability Brokerages. Nineteen employees devote all their activities to facilitating our Brokers’ business. Unlike other brokerages, we have no in-house agents competing with our brokers or who can access their case files.

Impaired Risk Underwriting has been a specialty since 1957 earning us the title “The Wonder ! Writers”SM. Nobody, but Nobody has more or better Brokerage Company relationships than we do.

Jonathan A Shaw, CLU, ChFC, President & CEO, and Irving H. Shaw, CLU, RHU, ChFC, REBC, LUTCF, Chair & Emeritus CEO, have 80 years of combined experience in evaluating and marketing Impaired Risk cases.

A Brokerage Marketplace leader and pioneer, we are Founding Members of the four leading Brokerage Marketing/Study Groups: LifeMark Distributors, Inc; The Risk Appraisal Forum; Life Inc, The Brokers Health Insurance Network and the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies.

Our Mission Statement

To provide Brokerage products and services to the insurance-buying public that are low cost, underwritten liberally and fairly in the best quality companies with maximum compensation to our Brokers through the independent agency system.

Shaw American is a founding Partner of LifeMark:

"LifeMark Partner"

"Shaw American Partners"

Judge us by the Companies we keep:


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