Well I can say it is not everyday that you get to talk to a President and CEO of a company to get help on an estate planning case. To my surprise Jon Shaw gave me the time and attention I needed on my case and never once did I feel I was wasting his time. He spent over an hour on the phone with me and even got an advanced underwriting attorney on the line with us so I can write a $20,000,000 case. Thank You Jon and everyone at Shaw American.

Chad Abraham

I wrote my first case with Shaw American middle of last month and I was pleasantly surprised with the high level of service I received from Kevin and Lisa I just received the policy today and I know that my client will be very pleased with the outcome.

Paula Baxter

I was a little reluctant to use the Shaw Assist form but after speaking with Tara in your office and getting a call that the Shaw Assist form was received I felt confident that my clients would be very happy with the service for their life insurance applications with Banner Life.

Sue Harvey

Amanda helped me out on a impaired risk case. It was so nice to speak with someone so knowledgeable about diabetes so that I can help my client with Long Term Care Insurance.

Barry Bayles

Kevin always does a great job for me! Thanks Kevin!

Dean W.

Leeann was very helpful!

Keith N.

Love the new Shaw Assist! You guys make it too easy to write business !

Terry Lampkin

I use the news article about Tony Soprano's estate with a VIP client, thanks for the information !

Sean Morris

Just saw the early release of the New Shaw Assist program, looks great and very easy to use, Great job Team Shaw!

David Clayton

Always get stuff when I ask. The turnaround time on illustrations that our office request from Shaw is amazing! Keep up the good work. Very friendly people.

David King

Got a great underwriting offer from LFG! Thanks!

Tom Coburn

I actually used one of your articles to help me close an LTC case!

George Mull

Marie helped me get a beneficiary change completed quickly and easily for one of my best clients!

Barry Cary

My customer really liked the Shawassist program, we got her policy issued in two weeks with Pru !

Martin Timmons

Hey you guys. Thank you for getting the assignments pushed through. I delivered them right away and the loan is processing today. Your extra effort is much appreciated.

Rob Sprawls

couldn't be kinder or more supportive of our small office. Always and forever... thank you!

Dave Frye

I was having trouble getting an LTC case approved and Lisa got it approved preferred for me !

Theresa Merchant

Susan got my case approved within 3 days of submission with Banner! Thanks Susan !

Bill Stevens

Jon gave me a great idea on estate planning !

Bill Richards

Jeremy got a quick commission to me on a big case !

Tim Miller

Kevin, helped me place a big case with Met! Thanks Kevin !

John Taylor