Effective July 1, 2013, Protective Life will change to current lifetime rates on our guaranteed UL products.

As a result of this re-price:

  • Protective Custom Choice UL will stay competitively positioned for guaranteed lifetime coverage needs with affordable level pay premiums.
  • Protective Advantage Choice UL level pay premiums may be higher,  but will remain competitive in the GUL marketplace.

Please find the transition dates for the pricing changes listed below so you will be prepared for any potential impact on your business.  We strongly encourage you to run and include an illustration with all lifetime applications to ensure your client receives the best available rate during the transition period.

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Effective immediately, the Guaranteed Insurability Rider is no longer available for new sales with the ProClassic UL and ProClassic NY UL products.

This rider (Variable Option and Survivor’s Choice Option) allowed for an increase in death benefit protection in the future, without evidence of insurability.

The Protected Insurability Rider will remain available for your younger clients who might need additional death benefit protection. With this rider, coverage can be increased at ages 25, 28, 31, 34, 37 and 40.

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Grand Legacy is a story worth telling. View the following videos to see how the Grand Legacy concept can be easily applied to your situation. If you’d like to leave a legacy for your loved ones, Grand Legacy is a simple concept that will allow you to set up a meaningful and lasting legacy for future generations of your family.

Video 1 Grand Legacy: An Introduction

Video 2 Grand Legacy: A Granddaughter’s Story

Video 3 Grand Legacy: The Grandparents’ Story

Protective Income Provider Option
Protective’ s Income Provider Option is a no-cost option available on our UL products that can help a client plan for their beneficiaries to have a steady income stream from 1-30 years after they have passed. Find out how Income Provider Option works.
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Protective Life Income Provider Option -Agent flyer
This optional endorsement allows the policy owner to select a guaranteed annual or monthly income stream death benefit for payment to one or more beneficiaries.

Protective Life Grand Legacy a Planning Strategy That Uses Life Insurance –Consumer Piece

Protective Life Grand Legacy Create a Lasting Legacy Using Life Insurance-Consumer Piece

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Protective Life Sales Innovation Protective Municipal Bonds, Centennial G II UL and the Income Provider Option-Agent Flyer

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Protective Life Extend Care Talking Points for Agent Flyer

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Protective Survivor UL Product Guide

Protective Survivor UL Facts At A Glance

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Protective Underwriting Guidelines updated as of July 2012