Genworth to Update its LTC Application

Producers must discard current versions of out-going forms/applications.

Genworth LTC will be updating its long term care insurance (LTCI) applications and forms on July 1, 2013. See link below for specific applications and forms that will be changing. You must destroy any of the old applications and forms you have on hand and replace by July 2, 2013.

Click Here for Announcement and Transition Rules

Genworth Long Term Care Partnership Matrix Sept 2012 Partnership Expansion Program Status Summary

Genworth Planned Premium Increase for Colony Term UL 10 and 20 year

Genworth Introduces New Total Living Coverage

Genworth Long Term Care Update to Insurance Requirements

Genworth Long Term Care Adjustments to Compensation

Genworth Long Term Care Adjustments to Privileged Choice Flex

Genworth Long Term Care 2012 Tax Information
This 25-page brochure offers in-depth information and is a valuable tool for building professional relationships with producers, attorneys, CPAs and other financial professionals

Genworth Long Term Care Premium Deductibility Quick Reference Guide
The guide provides a snapshot of the rules on Federal  LTC premium deductions for individual taxpayers and businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships/LLC, and both C and S corporations.  It’s a great tool when talking with employers.

Genworth Long Term Care Multi-Life Guidelines
This one-page overview  of our  LTC multi-line solutions lets producers  view and compare the full range of alternatives at a glance, simplifying the process of selling in the business market.

Genworth Long Term Care Business Solutions Overview
This brochure gives you an overview of our Long Term Care Business offering. If you are looking for a piece that gives you a total picture at a glance this is the one you can use.

Genworth LTC FAQ on Actively At Work Spouse

Genworth Long Term Care Multi Life Business Solutions A Producer Guide

Genworth Long Term Care Multi Life Guidelines

Genworth Long Term Care Business Solutions Sales Process

Are you interested in Multi-life LTC, here are the simplified underwriting rules and discounts. Please click here for more information.

Genworth Long Term Care Privileged Choice Flex

Genworth Total Living Care CD vs Linked Benefit

Genworth Total Living Care Quick Reference Guide

Genworth Total Living Coverage State Differences

Genworth Total Living Coverage Consumer piece

Genworth Total Living Coverage Competitive Comparison

Genworth Total Living Coverage Powerpoint

Genworth Coverage Extension Feature

Genworth Change Your Game with Coverage Extension Colony Term UL