Transamerica Trendsetter series all of the benefits of term life insurance with policy choices that meet a variety of client needs. Watch our short consumer facing video on the importance of term life insurance and feel free to share it with clients and your prospects.

American National Retirement Plan Review presented by Robert V Kline, J.D. Discusses the need to do a Life Insurance and Annuity Audit on your clients cases which is good for the client, access existing clients, access new clients and a source of revenue. Don’t leave money on the Table! Remember to ask about their retirement plan! Do a review of whatever retirement plan may be in place (if any)?

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North American

Webinar on How to use Permanent Life Insurance to Gain Death Benefit Protection and to Help Fund College. Here is a 6 minute video on a sales concept using tax- deferred and potentially tax-free income through policy loans or withdrawals

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Introducing Principal SUL Protector II

Principal Survivorship Universal Life Protector II is ideal for clients who have estate planning and wealth transfer needs. Other Target markets include: Individuals with sizable assets in annuities and IRAs, someone seeking guaranteed death benefit protection with flexibility for shorter duration coverage or long term permanent protection. The Lapse Protection Rider provides guaranteed death benefit protection up to the second insured’s lifetime. Clients can increase or decrease their coverage amount subject to policy and underwriting guidelines. Automatic Standard Approval Program (Table 3 to Standard) is available on both lives.

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Principal Business Owner and Executive Solutions

We help make it simple and profitable to work in the business market. Our team of experienced professionals can help you deliver customized solutions to meet your clients’ unique needs. And you can rely on our top-notch support to be there for you before, during and after the sale. It all comes at no cost* to you or your clients, so working with us isn’t just easy, it can be profitable too. *Annual fees do apply to services for deferred compensation plans.

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United of Omaha Using Life Insurance to Retain Key Employees

With a Twist! Recognizing the need; Who makes the sales?, Who has the relationships?, and Who keeps things running?

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Genworth Lifejacket Video with Antony Vossenberg and Dr. Gregory Fairchild on the crisis and the solution. Almost half of Americans with household incomes between $50,000 and $250,000 do not have life insurance and those with insurance only have enough to cover 3.6 years of income.

Genworth Lifejacket Video The Real Life Insurance Experts Life Insurance Owners and Beneficiaries provide real-world evidence of the impact of life insurance.

Genworth Lifejacket Video with Jim Kerley and Janet Deskins on the Need and Opportunity. Jim and Janet discuss recent research on the life insurance coverage gap in the United States.

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month Are you and your family protected? Life insurance does many things; Death Protection, Retirement Savings, Business Protection, Replacement Income, Charitable Legacy and Wealth Transfer.

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Principal® Retirement+ equals just what you need to sell retirement solutions Become the “go to” retirement authorities in your local markets and serve the complete retirement needs of their clients. Business owners, key employees and high-income individuals may have a retirement income gap. Use our retirement gap calculator to measure their gap. Then work with us to help them fill that gap with supplemental retirement solutions.

Watch a replay of the LIAM Producer Webinar for 2012, which will help prepare you for Life Insurance Awareness Month in September. Hear about the awareness campaign, the free tools and resources LIFE has available to agents and sales ideas from producers so you can make the most of September’s campaign and educate your clients.

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Petersen International Underwriters Bridge Medical Plan

Uninsured seniors that are awaiting Medicare eligibility are at serious financial risk, but obtaining coverage can be a long and troublesome task. The Bridge Major Medical Plan is available to protect seniors from financial ruin while they wait to be accepted into the US Medicare system.

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Nationwide Multiple Need Wealth Transfer and Cash Accumulation

Take a quick break and check out this webinar on Wealth Transfer and Cash Accumulation Sales Ideas. In this sales idea it will show you how the Nationwide No Lapse Guarantee UL compares to the Nationwide YourLife Indexed UL. Nationwide Indexed UL has optional death benefit guarantees, protection against market based losses, opportunity for growth and interest rate based on movement of popular market indexes. There has never been a better time to review your existing book of business and also reach out to new clients. Shaw American would love to help you look at failing Variable Universal Life contracts and see if we can find a better option for your client. Give us a call today.

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United of Omaha Work Smarter, better and faster with iGO e-APP

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AXA Performance Center Enhancements for Index-Linked Life Insurance Features and Products

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North American Consumer Video Supplemental Retirement Income

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North American Consumer Video Life Insurance Policy Review

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North American Consumer Video Life Insurance for Financial Protection & Legacy Building

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United of Omaha The Power of The Producer Recommendation

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North American Policy Review

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Lincoln Financial Group Total Package Term Coverage

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AXA Is Making Life Easier!

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Genworth Long Term Care A Unique View into Claims and Underwriting.

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North American Watch and Learn How to Conduct a Policy Review

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Peterson International Underwriters Protect Your Loved Ones.

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Genworth Long Term Care Privileged Choice Flex Wellness video regarding Live Well

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Indexed Universal Life Insurance
Things are looking up

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Accidental Death Can Be a Life [Sale] Saver
When your producers encounter term life declines or clients who can’t afford coverage, what do they do? Here’s a way for them to save the sale: our Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance. This short brainshark will tell you all you need to know!

North American Understanding Indexed Universal Life with Alar Hakk

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Foresters Decision Express Training

Five Video Series from Protective – Go Here

1.   Protective: Today is a new day

At some time, the “life” in life insurance died. But today is a new day. We are Protective Life and today we’re going to breathe new life into life insurance, annuities and asset protection. 4.29

2.    Protective: Tearing down the barriers 

Walls of complexity, avoidance, economics, confusion, miscommunication and neglect often prevent people from taking care of their financial needs and the needs of those who depend on them. Johnny speaks to these barriers and what we can do to help tear them down. 1.14

3.    Protective: We are Protective Life

Our mission is in our name. We protect tomorrows so your customers can embrace today. Johnny shares his thoughts on our mission and our values. 2.39

4.    Protective: The Protective Brandmark  

What is that blue thing above the Protective name anyway? Johnny explains the brandmark and what it represents. 1.18

5.    Protective: Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Get Johnny’s take on why he believes it is the right time for Protective Life to help you protect your clients tomorrows so they can embrace today. 1.02

Genworth Long Term Care

Unlocking the Linked Benefit Solution

Genworth Long Term Care

“Now” Benefits

United Home Life Application Submission Tips Webinar

The recording of the app submission tips webinar from June 21st is now available. Make sure to follow the instructions to view. Click Here To View

United Home Life Final Expense Webinar

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Foresters Changes to keep PlanRight strong in the marketplace.

We have prepared a webinar that you can access that we believe can help you further understand these changes.

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Nationwide INDEXED UL
Check out our webcast on Indexed UL, featuring noted consultant Bobby Samuelson and other industry experts.

Genworth Life Insurance Employee Owned Life Insurance

Genworth Life Insurance Selling to Main Street Customers

Banner Life Term Rider Sales Ideas.