Shaw American represents several companies with quick and easy underwriting. These products are not designed to bypass traditional underwriting for impaired risk health conditions. They are designed for clients that are too busy to get examined due to time constraints or need insurance right away due to a loan. Typically a policy can be issued in 5-7 business days.

The following companies offer Simplified Issue or Guaranteed Issue Products.

American Memorial
United Home Life
United of Omaha

Please review the following steps to see if your client qualifies for Term Coverage.

Step 1 Simplified Issued Term Limits of Coverage Click Here

Step 2 Get Term quoting rates on our website Click Here - Except for United Home Life Click Here for their Term Rate Card

Step 3 Get Appointed Click Here Appointment Guidelines Click Here

Step 4 Get The Forms to Submit the Application Click Here

Step 5 Underwriting Procedures to Get Your Case Approved Click Here

Step 6 Submit your case to Shaw American Click Here