What Is Jon’s Club?

Jon’s Club is a premier producer program designed to offer higher compensation and additional services to producers who choose Shaw American as a significant brokerage outlet for their business. Jon’s Club Platinum Level pays you  approximately 10-20% additional  override, depending on the product above our regular Street Level Commissions.

Marketing Groups, Broker Dealer, and Property/Casualty agencies can combine production among producers to help reach this higher level.

In 2014 we are also offering “Seasoned Advisor Level”: if you are 65 or over, we will start you at the Platinum Level from the get-go without a production requirement, this is just our way of thanking our more experienced producers for their significant service to our industry.

Focusing the majority of your business with one source, like Shaw American can make a lot sense. The relationship becomes more meaningful, the cash flows increase and you can reach out to one organization to follow up on all of your cases.

Shaw American has outstanding technology and a very  experienced staff, so it makes sense  to push as much business with us as possible. Our motto is “High Touch and High Tech”.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Jon’s Club, please call Jon Shaw, Marie Causey, Amanda Combs or Jeremy Combs or email one of them below.

Jon Shaw jonshaw@shawamerican.com

Marie Causey marie@shawamerican.com

Amanda Combs Amanda@shawamerican.com

Jeremy Combs Jeremy@shawamerican.com

Toll Free 1-800-626-5888