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Join Us for a Webinar: Wednesday, November 28

What’s the future of GUL products?

The double-whammy of low interest rates and AG 38 have created a lot of questions on the sustainability of GULs. You may be wondering how you can still meet the demand for lifetime guarantees. With products being pulled, rates being changed and caps on death benefits, what’s in store for our industry?

Leading the way with a solution that brings stability back into the GUL space is Transamerica’s proprietary Real Time Pricing. Transamerica has developed a responsive and sustainable way for you to continue to deliver guarantees to consumers who need them more than ever in today’s uncertain environment.

Join us for this webinar to learn how Transamerica’s Real Time Pricing works and how it can help your business to:

  •     Meet the consumer demand for lifetime guaranteed UL products
  •     Get access to interest rates that are responsive and up-to-date
  •     Lock in interest rates with a solution that automatically gives clients the better rates, if available, at the time of policy issue
  •     Work with a carrier that is reinforcing and strengthening its commitment to the

GUL market

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Wednesday, November 28
12:30 PM Eastern/9:30 AM Pacific

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